Updated Leica Infinity enables new levels of project efficiency

Last week the updated version of Leica Infinity (v1.3) was released together with the new Captivate software.  Leica Infinity, an intuitive processing software that is used in the office, supports Captivate by managing the complex data that Captivate captures and models in the field – quickly, easily and automatically. Together, the two are unbeatable, editing projects amazingly fast and precise, with extremely efficient workflows.
And as part of an Active Customer Package, Leica Infinity users can also access the high accuracy, real-time, cloud-based imagery program, HxIP. HxIP adds even more spatial awareness to data and eliminates the need to geo-reference data to a basemap during post-processing.

Response time and decisions are faster because of instant access to raw data at any time, letting users cross-check designs with other processed project design data or survey results. Infinity can also combine multiple jobs of information-rich scans for 3D surfaces before continuing to transfer a variety of formats to CAD and BIM software packages.

The ability to view project progress reports enables customers to have the tools they need to easily prepare, document and complete BIM projects and structures.

Additionally the satisfyingly clear layout of the Leica Infinity user interface used with dynamic 3D visuals makes this software program extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

The bottom line is: Leica Infinity offers better planning, speeds up the decision-making process and produces easy-to-understand, customised deliverables.

You can find out more about Leica Infinity v1.3 on the Leica Geosystems website .

Infinity_web3 Infinity_web2

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