The Sailor’s Journey

Leica Geosystems is pleased to announce it will support the first one-man, non-stop sailing trip around the world without any additional fuel or food stops throughout the entire journey of more than 27,000 nautical miles (roughly 50,000 km), which begins Sunday, October 19, 2014.

Matteo Miceli, the renown Italian sailor, will make this self- sustaining journey lasting approximately five months,  providing entirely for his own needs to demonstrate that it is possible to undergo such a trip, entirely self-sustaining, with only resources that have been provided by nature.

A team of professors from the University of Rom and the Polytechnic Turin would also like to record the boat’s movements by using three Leica Geosystems GR25 GNSS reference receivers which will enable:

  • Calculating the height of waves along the ECO40 route by using the boat as a buoy and will validate the numerical models  of the UK-based Met (meteorology) office;
  • Improving the structural design of the Class 40 sailboat by means of calculating the boat’s dynamic stress and boat material durability during the trip;
  • And recording  the wave characteristics taken from the ECO40’s movements to produce a polar diagram of the boat’s speed, which will be useful for future Class 40 racing boats.

Matteo Miceli will then transmit this data by satellite for analysing to Professors Paolo De Girolamo and Mattia Crespi of the University of Roma La Sapienza and also to Alessandro Pezzoli of the Polytechnic Turin.

Leica Geosystems will be following Matteo’s progress and regularly posting images and updates from Matteo’s impressions during his self-sustaining journey on the Leica Geosystems’ Blog and Leica Geosystems’ social media platforms.

In order to follow Matteo’s sailing route, please install Google Earth. After this is done, please click here to first download and save and then open the “KML” tracker file. Anytime you want to follow Matteo’s sailing route, just open the tracker file (There is no need to open Google Earth).  When the tracker window is open and you see the image of the earth, type “ECO40” in the search window (upper left hand side of window) and press enter. The tracker will then move to the ECO40’s latest sailing route position and its progress updated every 10 minutes.

We wish Matteo much success on his global adventure!


Matteo_GR25_receivers  Matteo Miceli on the ECO40

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