The idea generator: A customer review of the HxGN LIVE Geosystems HDS/3D Laser Scanning sub-track

A decade ago when the first High Definition Survey user conference was held, laser scanning was still an early adopter’s technology.

Today, 3D laser scanners have advanced significantly and made their way into the mainstream market. Finding uses across all applications, HDS has quickly become a mainstay in the industry.

A professional’s perspective on the HDS/3D Laser Scanning sub-track


CHesseOne of those early adopters who has been an avid HxGN LIVE Geosystems HDS/3D Laser Scanning sub-track participant since the early days, Dr. Christian Hesse uses the technology in a diverse set of engineering activities with his firm  Dr. Hesse und Partner Ingenieure  in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout the years of attending the conference, he has been able to exchange ideas with a high-level of knowledge.

“The HDS/3D Laser Scanning sub-track is a perfectly organized and extremely user-value focused event in the industry. Geoff puts a lot effort into showing new workflows and business ideas when selecting speakers,” said Hesse. “I always fly back from HxGN LIVE unable to sleep because I have so many new ideas in mind. One thing that clearly distinguishes the HDS track from other events is the deep insight that speakers allow into their workflows, business strategies and even financial considerations.”

Hesse is also looking forward to networking with those speakers and other colleagues from around the world and across the industry.

“The networking events in the Geosystems Track are absolutely outstanding. This is what I’m looking most forward to every year,” he said. “Also, the broad range of sessions  covers many topics relating to surveying. As HDS continues to evolve and spread throughout diverse applications, I find this more and more useful.”

The future mobility of laser scanning

A growing trend in the HDS/3D Laser Scanning segment is the mobilisation of scanners. From GPS going kinematic and total stations transforming with robotic capabilities, laser scanning technology is on the same kinematic path.

Hesse will be presenting his experiences in this trend during a session in the sub-track entitled Using a ScanStation P15 in Kinetic Mode to Successfully Enter the High Accuracy Mobile Mapping Market. As Dr. Hesse und Partner Ingenieure is a market leader in Germany for high-quality mobile mapping services, Hesse will share insights on how the firm successfully entered the market with two real-world case studies, including potential pitfalls, workflows and return-on-investment practices.

“Whereas GPS and TPS mobilisation was a big leap, we can see from current projects that for laser scanning the possible leverage knocks us off our feet,” said Hesse. “I’m convinced in five years, at the latest, we will have the majority of the market being kinematic or kinematically-enabled. Just look at the Leica ScanStation P40, P30 and P16. Any of them can be used off the shelf for kinematic applications.”

Open to new possibilities

A final benefit for Hesse is the integration of the different Hexagon brands at HxGN LIVE and to see how they all work together to provide value.

“I really like the interaction between the Geosystems Track with Hexagon Metrology and Integraph sessions, especially since we expanded our business to other areas” said Hesse. “This adds value by opening doors to new markets and business opportunities.”

To generate your own ideas at HxGN LIVE with Hesse and other valuable contacts, register for the Geosystems HDS/3D Laser Scanning sub-track at the Act Fast rate. Hurry, though, as this special rate ends Monday, 20 April.

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