Simplify the use of tilt rotators with iXE CoPilot functionality

Introducing iXE CoPilot – Designed to simplify the use of tilt rotator attachments for excavators on heavy construction sites

What is the new function for?

iXE CoPilot is designed to simplify the use of tilt rotator attachments for excavators.

Who is the function for?

iXE CoPilot is designed for excavator operators, by excavator operators.

Where can the function be used?

It can be used as an upgrade to an existing Leica iXE2  or iXE3  solution or for a new installation of iXE2 or iXE3. The solution is designed in cooperation with Engcon, a leading manufacturer of tilt rotator attachments, to be used on excavators where their tilt rotator attachment has been installed.

Why did you develop the new function?

We developed the new function for 3 reasons:

  1. To improve the productivity of experienced excavator operators using tilt rotator attachments.
  2. To decrease the learning curve of less experienced excavator operators, who are familiarising themselves with the tilt rotator attachment.
  3. To decrease fatigue and stress for all operators as they operate a large piece of equipment like an excavator. A more focused and alert operator is a much safer operator, decreasing the risk of accidents and increasing the general safety level of the job site.

When and where will the new functionality be available?

The new functionality will be available in Leica iCON 3D and Leica XC14 software as of May 2, 2017. Customers can download the new version of either software from myWorld  or by using Leica ConX. 

How is the function typically used?

iXE CoPilot will work in either iXE2 or iXE3 solutions. In iXE2 solutions, a typical application would be digging v-ditches in preparation for buried utilities. The operator can create the profile in their XC14 software and create the desired slope, then as they begin to dig our system will automatically adjust the tilt of the Engcon tilt rotator so it is parallel to the slope under the bucket’s edge. Similarly in our iXE3 solutions with iCON 3D, the operator will work from the loaded reference model. When the bucket’s edge is placed over a sloping surface, our system will automatically adjust the tilt of their Engcon tilt rotator until its parallel to the surface. We will continue adjusting the tilt of the tilt rotator as the operator pulls the excavator arm in.

Why should I invest in this new function?

This function will make less experienced operators more effective, it will make experienced operators even more productive, and it will prevent costly over and under digging with the excavator. Further, site safety levels will be increased due to having less fatigued operators running excavators.

What is unique about the new function and why is it so revolutionary?

Leica Geosystems is the world’s first machine control manufacturer to automate hydraulic function of a tilt rotator attachment. In cooperation with Engcon, we have brought new productivity enhancing functionality to our customers who run Leica iXE2 and iXE3 solutions.

To find out more, contact your local Leica Geosystems sales representative here.

Marcus Grevelshoej, Product Specialist Excavating and Wheel Loader Solutions
Machine Control Division
Leica Geosystems Technology A/S, part of Hexagon
Telehøjen 8
5220 Odense SØ
Mobile: +45 4212 9495


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