LISTECH earns Award for Special Achievement

LISTECH recognised by the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute

LISTECHAwardLISTECH, a leader in the development of innovative and internationally successful software for land surveying, civil engineering and geospatial industries and a Hexagon Geosystems brand, was recently recognised with the Award for Special Achievement by the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute(SSSI).

The award citation reads LISTECH is commended “for providing exemplary dedication, effort and service, in the development of world-class software solutions for the benefit of the local and international surveying and saptial community.” The award is signed by Bernard O’Sullivan, SSSI president.

Below is an exceprt of the script from the award ceremony read by Lindsay Perry, national chair of the SSSI Land Surveying Commission. Congratulations to LISTECH on this wonderful achievement.

LISTECH – an Australian success story…

If you go to and look at the LISTECH Company Profile, you will read:

“LISTECH was founded in 1988 with the vision of creating world class software solutions specifically designed to solve the complex problems associated with surveying, engineering and the spatial industries.” 

Today, this vision remains the same and LISTECH is a world leader in the development of innovative and internationally successful software products for these industries with thousands of users in over 100 countries.

Initial discussions on forming LISTECH started 18 months before it was officially started in August of 1988. Realising that revenue from developing these programs would take time, the four founders formed a separate business to undertake surveying consultancy work.  This benefited the software as it was developed to assist in their surveying work thus ensuring that what was developed was practical and fit for purpose.

LISCAD – the Surveyors Choice

The first product developed by LISTECH was LISCAD V1.0 – a DOS product which consisted of Computations, DTM, CAD and Alignment modules that were all “Graphical”.

In 1989, they developed LISDAT, a field data collection software program that ran on the Corvallis Micro Technology (CMT) data collectors.

Together these products provided the first “Field to Finish” software solution where you could collect information electronically in the field and then process the data to generate final survey plans and abstracts of Field notes, without any manual drafting.

In the 1990s, Wild Australia (now known as Leica Geosystems) saw the benefits of offering hardware with a software solution and became the authorised resellers of LISCAD to the Australian market. With this in place, LISTECH then set about taking their products to the world.

First stop on the world tour of 1990 was Helsinki to attend the FIG. LISTECH’s Field-To-Finish solution attracted a great deal of attention. Demonstrations to Leica Geosystems in the UK resulted in them becoming LISTECH reseller’s of LISCAD soon after.  The seeds of interest had also been established with Leica Geosystems head office in Heerbrugg as well.

While in the US, LISTECH noted the growing popularity of Microsoft Windows. Realising that this was going to be the way of the future, LISTECH developed LISCAD for Windows. As a result, LISCAD was the world’s “First Professional Windows Surveying and Civil Engineering software package”.

In 1992 Leica Geosystems and LISTECH signed an agreement whereby Leica Geosystems become the exclusive distributor for LISCAD around the world. This agreement has continued successfully.

In early 2013 Leica Geosystems/ Hexagon acquired LISTECH. The company remains an Australian company and continues to develop in its Melbourne offices.

LISTECH’s product strategy has always been investment in research and development, focused on new and improved products to satisfy the needs of customers. As such, LISCAD continues today as LISTECH’s flagship product around the world. Recently LISTECH also released Neo, a new generation geospatial software.

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