Leica Pegasus:Backpack, Leica DMC III shape geospatial future

Leica Pegasus:Backpack, Leica DMC III shape geospatial futureThe Leica Pegasus:Backpack and the Leica DMC III, announced this week at HxGN LIVE, are taking the geospatial industry to the next level.

A first in wearable reality capture

The Leica Pegasus:Backpack is the industry’s first wearable reality-capture technology.

The latest innovation in the Leica Geosystem’s mobile mapping portfolio combines cameras and LiDAR profiler with the lightness of carbon fiber chassis and high-ergonomic design for an extensive survey-grade 3D map of indoor and outdoor features and asset management for engineering or professional documentation creation.

“This technology is position-agnostic, meaning it can work without GPS,” said Staurt Woods, Geospatial Solutions Division vice-president. “Now measurement professionals can document reality-capture data indoors, outdoors, underground and really anywhere they need to work.”

Breaking new ground in airborne mapping

Leica Pegasus:Backpack, Leica DMC III shape geospatial futureThe Leica DMC III is the world’s largest single frame camera.

This newest airborne sensor by Leica Geosystems uses all-new CMOS sensor technology to offer the world’s largest swath generation capability by a single frame – 25,000 pixels.

“With the new sensor technology, our customers will enjoy a 50 percent flight cost reduction, more flying opportunities, higher image quality, and fully-integrated workflow,” said Klaus Neumann, Airborne Imagining Sensors Technical Sales vice-president. “Engineers, urban planners and national mapping agencies can now capture 3D aerial data faster and at less cost than ever before.”

The Leica Pegasus: Backpack and the Leica DMC III will both be available in September of this year.



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