Leica Infinity – Measuring forgotten points from images back in the office

Images are everywhere today.  We capture events to remember the moments and to let us look back to remind us of a time and place.  Integrating images into our work process also allows us the ability to revisit the time and place of the job we completed, when we need to.
To confirm the field work coverage or to prepare for the next job, images are part of how we work.

Using imaging stations, like the TS16i total station or MS60 MultiStation, to capture panorama images from the station setup is an easy way to revisit the time and place, reviewing the measuring job without having to physically go there.

These images taken while on the job site will also give you needed flexibility back in the office when a few points have been forgotten. Because by having two or more images that overlap each other, it becomes an easy task to measure forgotten points from images back in the office.

Leica Infinity can save you that return trip to the field by letting you measure these points using the Imaging module, saving your project unnecessary costs and bringing a new level of efficiency to your results.
Watch the new Leica Infinity video here, explaining step-by-step just how easy and hassle free it is to measure those forgotten points back in the office.

Leica Infinity – the bridge between field and office.

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