Leica Geosystems Employee Spotlight: Vito Schlegel

When you receive an instruction manual from Leica Geosystems, you may have noticed the ultra-sharp images of the products with the minute details. Perhaps you thought a very talented photographer took these crystal-clear images, but what if they weren’t photographs at all?

Creation from imagination

Vito_SchlegelVito Schlegel is a technical illustrator within the Technical Documentation Department. Working with various CAD software programs, he is responsible for creating photo-realistic 3D renderings of the many products available from Leica Geosystems. Schlegel specialises in 3D modelling, flash animation, vector artwork, line illustrations, product artwork and labelling, industrial design and picture editing.

“Basically, when there is no product images available yet, I create them to give customers the visual concept of what the product will be,” said Schlegel. “Working closely with the product managers, I’m able to design the product in 3D and develop a virtual reality around it so customers can experience the closest environment to having the actual tool in their hands.”

With Leica Geosystems since 2011, Schlegel has seven years of experience in the technical illustration field, previously working in project leadership roles. His background is in applications engineering, applying the skills he learned there to technical illustration today.

“What I really enjoy about my job is the creating without having specific data available, with just an idea in mind,”explained Schlegel. “I can imagine what a product will do, what it will look like, and I have the creative freedom to design that without constraints or restrictions.”

Shaping change in the illustration field

Creating realistic, such as the latest Leica ScanStation P40, Technical Illustrator Vito Schlegel brings product concepts to life.

Creating realistic 3D renderings, such as the latest Leica ScanStation P40, Technical Illustrator Vito Schlegel brings product concepts to life.

Recently, Schlegel was asked to speak at an industry conference on technical illustration. KeyShot World, hosted by supplier INNEO Solutions GmbH for users of the 3D-rendering software KeyShot, gave Schlegel the opportunity to share his skill and expertise with industry peers from around the globe. Presenting on his own experience developing Leica Geosystems models, labels and other visuals in KeyShot, Schlegel provided best practices and tips for improving product design cycles to attendees of this first-ever user conference in Europe.

“I was surprised and honoured to be asked to participate,” said Schlegel. “The idea of a user group is not a common one with these software platforms, and to be selected to present at the first of these was exciting. I very much enjoyed sharing my experience and learning from others on how I, too, could improve my design skills.”

To see Vito’s KeyShot World presentation (in German), click here.



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