Infinity GNSS Post Processing sets new standards

This is the first in a series of posts about Leica Infinity, the survey software that connects the field to the office.

Post processing of GNSS data remains one of the most flexible yet precise tools a surveyor can use for deriving the most confident results for their project work, in particular for establishing ground control.

With all the advances of using RTK in the field, its even more important that surveyors clearly understand the value that post processing adds to them and their clients.

Infinity GNSS Post Processing provides an easy way for a user to produce the most precise and reliable coordinate results.

Knowing how to consider the processing of static or kinematic GNSS data helps to derive important fundamental skills. By having the foundation for 3D position determination and understanding sources of potential errors allows the user to be more proficient with precise measurement campaigns. This expertise brings the awareness to employ the correct GNSS approach to whatever fits the clients requirements to get the job done and to get the right results the first time.



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