Zeno GIS collects precise GIS data on the Stubai Glacier in Austria

With an overall size of 1,450 hectares and a total of roughly 200 hectares of prepared ski slopes, the ski area of Stubaier Bergbahnen KG is the largest glacier ski area in Austria. 26 cable car and ski lift installations transport close to 36,000 people uphill every hour. Around 104 kilometres of red, blue and black ski slopes wind their way down to the valley below the 3,333 metre high “Schaufelspitze” peak. The ski season is long, beginning in mid-September and serving ski and now enthusiasts all the way to June. Around 300 employees of Stubaier Bergbahnen KG and a number of additional seasonal workers ensure that skiers are able to ski safely and enjoy their stay. The foundation for this is laid by Sepp Rauter, operations manager of Stubaier Bergbahnen KG, together with his team. Day in and day out, he keeps an eye on the slopes and glaciers with his rugged field companion: The CS25 GNSS Tablet PC from Leica Geosystems with the Zeno GIS field software.

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