New Leica Geosystems smart antenna provides superior performance


Leica Geosystems, industry leader in measuring technology, has released, a smart, flexible antenna for all GNSS monitoring applications. Professionals of critical projects now have a new affordable, high quality device, customisable to fit all of their project requirements. It is reliable, built to endure and easy-to-use. Equipped with both GNSS antenna and receiver, the smart antenna is an all-in-one performer for any monitoring installations.

Static, long term projects requiring a high number of sensors have an affordable smart antenna. This same device can also enable dynamic monitoring with up to 10 Hz data streaming and advanced multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking. Starting with the basic GPS single frequency receiver and adding multiple upgradable options, this antenna fits the needs of diverse monitoring projects.

Find out more about the Leica GMX910 smart antenna here


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