Getting an edge in construction with the Leica iCON robot 50

In early 2012, Frazier Masonry Corporation, serving the California and Nevada states, became one of the first multistate concrete companies to adopt robotic total station technology for standard layout tasks. Going robotic wasn’t a casual decision. In fact, only approximately 10 % of concrete subcontractors are using total stations of any kind for layout — as opposed to using string lines and tapes — Frazier’s leap to a robotic instrument, allowing just one single operator to control the total station from the prism by radio or Bluetooth, was ground-breaking. At the end of the selection process, Frazier decided on the iCON (intelligent CONstruction) system from Leica Geosystems, a suite of hardware and software designed to work together seamlessly and to simplify as well as speed up construction layout.


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