Customer provides first-hand account of Leica 3D Laser Scanning

When Keith Jones, HDS scan technician and project manager at Professional Engineering Consultants, began using the Leica ScanStation C10 and Cyclone software two years ago, he recognised the immediate value.

“As a surveyor with more than 16 years of experience at that time working in both the field and the office, I immediately saw the benefits of this solution,” said Jones in a recent Point of Beginning article. “Laser scanning increases efficiency, provides a faster turnaround on projects and reduces labor costs, while also enabling us to add value to our deliverables.”

Providing a first-hand look at the use of the solution, Jones shared his experience in a recent article for the professional trade publication Point of Beginning.  The article covers:

  • Cost of incorporating laser scanning into projects;
  • Time savings experienced using the technology;
  • Accuracy of scanning data compared to traditional methods of capture;
  • External environments factors; and
  • Setup and Capacity of the scanning equipment.

Click here to read the full story.

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