All about that base: Infinity Base Maps

This is the third in a series of posts about Leica Infinity, the survey software that connects the field to the office.

The function of a background image or a map is to help a user become familiar with a location and the general orientation of the area. To help with this familiarity integrated in Infinity, there is a default set of Base Maps. These Base Maps are an easy way to let users visualise and realise their measure data campaigns by drawing the measure data over the imagery or maps.

When the project is using a coordinate system, the user can choose a Base Map to display

as the foundation of the project.

The Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) is one service provided with a Customer Care Package, providing highly accurate ortho imagery to the user. OpenStreetMap is an easy way to have an up to date map including streets and general city boundaries, and Esri’s world maps or imagery are effective means to provide general topographic contours or general low accuracy image tiles while providing the benefit for location awareness.

To start to use the Base Map benefits in your project, subscribe to an Infinity Customer Care Package today.

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